My placement

I have just heard that I will be placed in Jayyous, a small village of about 3,700 people, half way up the northern part of the West Bank. It lies close to the separation barrier which at that point does not follow the ‘green line’, i.e. the internationally recognised border, but cuts into the occupied Palestinian West Bank. 80% of the farm land belonging to the village is now on the other side of the barrier and most of their wells. Farmers have to go through manned ‘agricultural gates’ in the barrier to farm their land and to do this they have to have a valid permit. Only about 20% of local farmers have permits to access their land.

Jayyous used to be a prosperous village but has lost a lot of its livelihood and income. It was one of the first villages to resist the route of the barrier and perhaps because of this reputation for resistance there is often a heavy military presence in the village – particularly when villagers organise demonstrations.

It will be our job to be a protective presence in Jayyous and villages nearby that are close to settlements. We will monitor the agricultural gates and the nearby Qalqilya checkpoint, support the Christian Churches in Nablus and generally take part in the life of the village.

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7 Responses to My placement

  1. Joc Sanders says:

    Up and running now, Kate. May God go with you.

  2. That worked perfectly. Still looking for the village in my out of date atlas but I shall look forward to further instalments. My sincere good wishes for your venture.

  3. Sara Tarling says:

    All good wishes. Looking forward to further postings.

  4. Andree says:

    Bonne chance et bon courage , may be i’ll bump into you this Autumn?

  5. cranmer1945 says:

    Nice-looking blog! Hope it all goes well and, above all, peacefully.
    With love & best wishes,

  6. Libby Insall says:

    We read your every word ! Hope breaking a wrist wont affect your ability to write, and hope too that you will have lots of support from colleages and from medics. much love from here Libby&Donald

  7. Ena says:

    The political situation I find somewhat confusing still , but the personal stories and situations I found shocking and so sad. Good luck in your work there.

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